Our ancient traditions

The extraction of our special extra virgin olive oil “Dominium, by Jugurtha Olive Groves ” is a continuation of olive-growing traditions dating back to the Punic/Carthaginian and Berber periods more than 25 centuries ago and perpetuated since after the Roman, Byzantine and Arab conquests of the Region. One of the oldest olive trees in the world is located only a few kilometers west of our estate in Taghaste (currently Souk Ahras ).

Tradition has it that Saint Augustine, the famous Roman philosopher and theologian of Berber origin born in Taghaste, a few kilometers west of our estates, and who lived between 354-430 AD, sat at the foot of this olive tree all the time to reflect and meditate. Perhaps even on occasion he made a few small stops under our olive trees on his way to Carthage, the capital city of the Roman province Africa and the second most important city of the Western Roman Empire at that time , a city where he lived many years.

In short an authentic “Dominium, by Jugurtha Olive Groves” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly proud of its origins and terroir.