Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our original Dominium Premium EVOO is extracted from mountain olives, grown in traditional organic fashion and handpicked in early autumn, to capture all its finesse and fruitiness,

A very special olive oil indeed that benefits from a unique mix of a continental Mediterranean-type microclimate, high altitude and the qualities of the famous Chetoui local cultivar.

Dominium Premium EVOO offers an extraordinary subtle blend of aromas mixing intense fruitiness and bitterness as well as the pungent of the Chetoui cultivar ; all of this , tinged with the flavors of the sublime Aleppo pine forests and the Mediterranean undergrowth that surround our olive fields.

With an anti-oxidant polyphenol level of more than 1000 p.p.m Dominium Premium EVOO largely complies with the EU Health Claim regarding Olive Oil Polyphenols