At Dominium , Sustainability is far from being a mere wish. it is part of our spirit, our philosophy and our "mountain" way of life .

Dominium, by jugurtha Olive Groves, is proud to adopt production processes respectful of our unique mountainous natural environment, its flora and fauna using strict regulations and protocols of environmentally friendly methods.

By systematically eliminating chemical components , using responsible and ecological agricultural methods and techniques particularly in irrigation and fertilization, and adopting sustainable practices based on the Circular Economy principles, Dominium is continuously honoring its engagement to take care of the local environment equilibrium.

In addition, in a time when our south Mediterranean region is one of the most hardly hit regions when it comes to climate change and water shortages, we are committed not to use intensive modern irrigation methods in order to preserve our scarce water resources .

Our Moutain way of life indeed dictates to us that the focal point is not exclusively on yields but also on quality, health, and the respect of our traditions, our social equilibrium, our work methods and processes as well as our natural environment.

With the sustainable processes we use, we take pride in continuously honoring:

- The local small farmers community that make a living out of traditional agriculture and breeding.

- The next generation of our families and of all consumers, allowing them to meet their natural and healthy needs by enjoying among other things, the same pure and natural olive oil fruit juice that we extract today from the same trees and soils.

-The still flourishing wildlife, flora and fauna of the untouched and Natural Atlas Mountain surrounding our olive groves. We are particularly proud in this respect to still witness, as our ancestors did , wildlife in our immediate surroundings: indeed wild boars, jackals, foxes, hedgehogs and hyenes among other wild animals, still enjoy crossing our olive groves , sharing with us as well as our incredibly rich Mediterranean flora , the freshness of the air , the naturalness of the soil and the beauty of the surroundings.