Traceability of Olive Oils is relevant not only in assessing their origin, but also in protecting against frauds.

Our company « Les Oliveraies de Jugurtha » uses hand picked Olives and a controlled established production process, guaranteeing quality stability on each phase of Olive Oil value Chain.

Dominium Olive Oil is cold-extracted, filtered and bottled with no delays in the process and nothing added except the purest Olive Oil.

All our Olive Oils are stored under nitrogen to make sure that flavor, taste and polyphenols are preserved

Complying with the latest food laws and thanks to the innovative supply chain technologies, our company, « Les Oliveraies de Jugurtha », is continuously guaranteeing the traceability of its Olive Oils.

These tracebility technologies consist on :

-Scanning the QR code printed on the packaging to pull up details such as where the olives were grown, the mill where they were crushed, and the facility where the oil was filtered, bottled and stored

-Developing blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Big Data food traceability tools to track and trace its Extra Virgin Olive Oil across several quality assurance checkpoints.

-Using Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies (AR/VR) to give the customers the opportunity to enjoy and have knowledge of the whole Production process of Dominium Olive Oil through immersive unique experiences.