The Tunisian West

A vast mountainous region occupies the whole of the west of Tunisia. On the menu: fresh air, green activities and uncovering countless historical ruins. El Kef: off the beaten track The white domes of the Sidi Boumakhlouf mosque watch over the medina of Kef, cascading in stages down the mountainside.

What is Chetoui?

Chetoui is an olive oil cultivar. A cultivar is the variety of olive. Just like the Chardonnay grape is used for some wines, olive varieties, or cultivars, are used for their unique characteristics to produce monovarietal olive oils.

Tunisian Olive Oil

“There is another Tasty side to the Mediterranean” When it comes to olive oil, Italy and Spain are generally the first countries that probably come to mind. It is important to remember though that olives have also been cultivated for millennia on the other side of the Mediterranean Basin, particularly in Tunisia

Dominium se distingue à New-York et à Tokyo

Dominium, l’huile d’olive extra-vierge produite par Les Oliveraies de Jughurtha vient de remporter la médaille d’or au NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, et deux médailles d’argent au OLIVE JAPON 2020, deux concours de renommée internationale en matière d’huile d’olive. Une distinction prestigieuse, amplement méritée, et pour cause !